London Escorts Weekend

Citybreak or business trip?

Yes, it is 2021 and we are here with lots of special stories to share with you. We learned a lot from 2020 and also took a lot of steps in creating a more entertaining year for these next 365 days to come.

While the pandemic restrictions are still affection everyone around the globe, we are still very happy with the few trips that are still possible, either it can be a business trip or the all-time favorite city break in the heart of UK.

Regardless of your reason and desire to travel don’t forget our number one recommendation in regards finding the best escorts services that will complete your vacation in a VIP way, as a once in a lifetime experience.

So let me start! Hi everyone and thank you for supporting our cause. Our weekly readers have been very kind to us at the beginning of this year and shared with us a lot of stories and incredible information that we want to take to all our readers; indeed with the author’s permission.

For the new Year’s eve passing from 2020 to 2021, we have from the Mayfair area, Jim, who managed to bring to life his life dream of spending the new year’s night at a private event hosted by 3 premium escorts. This type of event does not come cheap as we all can agree, since a premium London escort can get your pocket cleaned for at least 200 pounds or more per hour. Jim mentioned that the event was stunning, he even shared the site he booked it from which is Ma’Lovee Escorts Events. His overall experience was that “There are things that only money can buy”

So the weekend is here, the weather is horrible, and am dreaming of sex. How I wish I could just sit in a jacuzzi with a stunning woman, sipping champagne and engage in deep conversations about her life.

I have always been fascinated about a woman’s first time. That magical moment, that day when she became a full woman. Did she lose her virginity because she was in love, did she did it for the man she loved, was she curious? How much pleasure she felt in those moments, was she disappointed, satisfied, angry, sad, happy? Would she do it again, the same way, would she choose a different moment or man? How did that first experience influence her sex life? How about sex workers? What’s their story?

I must admit I love London escorts, that is because I have never booked an escort in other cities, but here. These girls are so easy to talk to. They talk about their sex life, about their first time, last, and everyday sex encounters as we talk about the weather. I have heard amazing and sometimes shocking stories. So many of them can really offer a girlfriend experience. Who needs a grampy wife, when you can have a cheerful, always smiling and ready for sex, young lady, who can offer you full satisfaction for a few hours, or even a day or two. Depends on your wallet and mood.

Most London Escorts are affordable and to be honest with you, I never go for the most expensive ones. I find them cold, too professional, and in it, just for the money. The 200-300 pounds escorts, are always more relaxed, willing to spend a little extra time with you, a glass of wine, never rushing. So my advice to you, don’t go for the most expensive, it does not always mean the best.

The affordable ones, also provide more sevices than the expensive ones. So if just want to have amazing sex, quality time and nice conversations, you know what to choose.

I guess I know what I will do tonight. I will go grab a nice bottle of red wine, prepare a cheese plater and I will book a young, gorgeous London escort for a few hours. Am I really like her, maybe I will spend the whole night with her. It’s utterly pleasant to have sex first thing in the morning, especially if it is a Sunday morning. Just an amazing boost for the week to come.