Best London Escorts


Imagine this: You are now just arriving in Central London and you spend your vacation time escaping the stress from your everyday busy routine, from the everyday hustle, from all of those boring things that make your life so boring and without that most needed rush. But there is one huge problem that you are facing when visiting a new city. You are alone, and as well there are many activities that you like, and cannot enjoy them without the accompaniment of a London Escort that would join your plans.

I will tell you how it happened to me!

Walking on the street in the middle of the night i was bit bored and i went to some bar with wifi, ordered pint of a beer and start scrolling through my social media.

Very boring, you will agree. However, one of the pictures caught my eye and I couldn’t resist looking. Beautiful tall girl, dark hair, deep blue eyes, and body of an angel. So I decided to give it a try. I clicked on a link and my adventure begins. Small talk and a bit of information and I was on the way to my sudden and unexpected date and all of that thanks to the London Escort page that I accidentally founded.

So we met at one nice bar.

Just to be easy to follow the story, I will call her Diana, I don’t know for what reason but that name suited her perfectly. Princess Diana. She was the girl that you can fall in love with instantly without any hesitation. The conversation was going so smooth like as we know each other for months. Several things in comment were more than enough to break the ice and to become more relaxed and confident of course. I would say, from the very beginning it was a full girlfriend experience. Few drinks were more than enough for losing up and the fun started. We were laughing and making jokes, it was a perfect date. I didn’t even notice that we were holding hands for a long time and it felt so natural. It was time to go back to my hotel room, and I felt a little bit nervous. But, once again, as perfect as she was, she made me feel so comfortable that as soon as we start walking towards the room I was so relaxed and ready for an adventure of a lifetime. I don’t want to go too much into the details, so I will just say that it was magnificent. I made a promise to myself that I will do this again very soon, and after all, why not. We have only one life to live and most of the time we missing opportunities like this. So I will share one very good saying. Better to regret what you did than to regret something that you didn’t try. I know lot of you will agree with me on this one 🙂