Best Escorts – Independent home escorts

Malovee is our pick for the best escorts that are independent and home based. ┬áIt’s the most complete platform that has tons of “home independent escort” profiles, so the girls here can charge rates that are a lot more affordable because they cut out agency fees. If you are looking for sex you will definetely find it for as low as 60 usd, 50 euro, 45 pounds, as well as some exceptionally stunning escorts that charge anywhere from 150 usd, 130 euro, 115 pounds an hour.

One thing you have to love about the platform is that there all escorts actually pick up the phone, as you know that in most cases on most platforms, the profiles are fake and do not answer even after several calls.

Every single profile is verified daily and their response rate is incredible, never disappointing. I would that we got to be very impressed, and found a provider that brought the customer experience in this industry, and most probably will become soon a global leader in this field.

Check their platform at and drop us some feedback if you liked it.